Easy Camping Outfit Ideas That Are Actually Stylish

Photo: iStock 

Although camping isn’t an activity which is traditionally associated with killer style, the fashion scene in the wilderness has been changing in recent years. From the arrival of glamping to the resurgence of athleisure, outfits for the great outdoors have received a sartorial makeover. As Canadians continue to enjoy Canada’s 150th by heading to the country’s national and provincial parks, camping season is at its peak.   From feminine plaids to surprisingly trendy sneakers, we’ve compiled a few essentials to help you brave the outdoors in style.

1) ASOS Sweatshirt with Knot Detail, $26: Far removed from its origins as a couch potato mainstay, the sweatshirt has been revamped as a stylish wardrobe pick. As temperatures up north and in the countryside often dip, a cozy knit can keep you warm once the sun sets. This loose, lilac-coloured sweatshirt features a round neckline and a knotted tie on one side.

2) Helly Hansen Lyness Rain Coat, $107: As drizzly weather is inevitable, don’t forget to bring a raincoat with you on your camping mission. This blue and white waterproof topper features broad horizontal stripes, a waist-cinching tie belt and a hood.

3) KUT FROM THE KLOTH Appliquéd Boyfriend Jeans, $121: As stylesetters embrace the uprising of embroidered denim, the hummingbird and floral appliqués on these jeans fit the bill. We are also liking the light wash and loose boyfriend fit, which are a comfortable change from the indigo skinnies of the city streets.

4) Superga Korelaw Embroidered Satin Lace Up Sneakers, $132: Once you drive past the city limits, you can forget your heels and slip into a pair of comfy kicks instead. These black embroidered sneakers are a far cry from the sports shoes of yesterday, with their chunky white soles and splashy floral print.

5) Joie Aruna Plaid Top, $228: If you usually think of bulky lumberjacks when you see plaid, this pretty sleeveless blouse just may change your mind. With its red and blue checkered pattern, the top can easily fit into the casual atmosphere of a campground. Meanwhile, the dainty pleats and subtle V-neckline bring a ladylike, tailored touch to a simple cotton piece.