Eat Your Heart Out, Charlamagne: While You Were Sleeping, Lil Mama Had A Major Glo Up

Lil Mama

Lil Mama has come a long way from her “Lip Gloss” days. Can you believe that was 10 years ago?!

The 27-year-old rapper, who started out with a lot of love from the people, has been talked about pretty poorly over the years. After crashing the VMA stage when Jay Z and Alicia Keys performed “Empire State of Mind” in 2009, people have gone out of their way to discredit her. They’ve said she looks like fellow rapper Bow Wow and even call her by his name, they’ve tried to trash any music she puts out, and who could forget her infamous interview with Charlamagne tha god when he insulted not only her talent but her looks? Speaking on the ridicule she’s received over the years since she admittedly embarrassed herself on the VMA stage, Lil Mama told Complex in 2015 that she’s gone through a lot emotionally.

“It hurt,” she said. “It took a lot of mental strength, spiritual strength, and physical strength, not to want to hurt others, not to want to hurt myself. A person could be damn near suicidal.”

But Lil Mama is coming out from the other side of the hateeration/holleration, and she’s looking amazing while doing so. Now going by her real name, Niatia, she’s starred in the TV One biopic When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story and the movie Born in The Game, flexing her acting chops after making her debut in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story in 2013. She has also become a red carpet mainstay. With the help of stylists Tyler Jacob, Michael Mann and Stacy K. Marie, she’s done a style 360.

Lil Mama

Check out more of her style transformation and know that Lil Mama isn’t so “lil” anymore.