Eating Nostalgic: Skinny Versions Of Your Favorite Childhood Snacks

When you think about your favorite memories from your childhood, like hanging around the community pool (or your pool, if you were lucky), visiting the county fair, meeting your friends at the park, going to amusement parks, and playing in the sand, one item probably consistently pops into your mind: the snack you had. Taste and smell are such powerful senses that can leave life-long memories. One little whiff of a funnel cake can take you back to your childhood, and help you see every detail of one special day as if it’s all happening again. It would be nice to walk down memory lane through our favorite childhood snacks all of the time, but unfortunately, our childhood snacks don’t really agree with our adult bodies. Here are some skinny versions of your favorite kid snacks so you can go back in time, but not back in your fitness goals.

Cheese and crackers

Remember how you’d tear open a package of Ritz crackers with that gooey yellow cheese and the convenient spreading stick? Well those crackers are loaded with butter and that cheese is loaded with…who even knows! Grab some multigrain crackers (Kellogg’s Special K Multi-grain are very high in fiber) and pair them with slices of Swiss or spoonfuls of goat cheese. You’ll get more protein and fiber, with fewer calories.