Ellen Honors Selfless Navy Vet For Saving Elderly Lady, Then She Brings Out THIS Special Guest!

Ellen DeGeneres, known for rewarding heroism, didn’t fail to deliver after she heard Navy veteran Kendrick Taylor’s story. In 2014, Kendrick was on his way to his gym in Orange County, Florida, when he saw the unthinkable happen near a Winn-Dixie grocery store. A man, in an attempted robbery, attacked a 76 year old woman.

Thinking of the frailty of his own grandmother, Kendrick sprang into action and took the man down.

“What if that was my grandmother?” Kendrick said in an interview. “She was screaming for help. That’s when I ran over to help her.”

The assailant was about to get away on his bike but Kendrick held him down while he called the police.  Kendrick never considered that he himself might get hurt. Like a true selfless hero, all he saw was someone who needed help.

“When I looked down, I didn’t know if he had a knife or a gun, but I just saw the lady. She was so old, and when he threw her down, she was so fragile, and I knew she needed help,” said Taylor.

The perpetrator was 23-year-old John Zachary DesJardin, who was on probation for unrelated offenses. DesJardin was charged with attempted robbery and battery of a person 65 years or older.

The victim, Rosemary Carelton, suffered minor injuries and trauma. Her niece reported that they are both extremely grateful Kendrick was there to help.

Kendrick’s chivalrous actions have earned him the Medal of Merit from the Orlando Orange County Sherriff’s Office, but that’s not all. Ellen DeGeneres also heard tell of Kendrick’s bravery and compassion and invited him onto her show.

After a humbled Kendrick recounted his story, Ellen praised him for his good deed and, as she always does with her hero guests, showered him with well-deserved gifts. When Ellen brings out a surprise guest, the look on Kendrick’s face further states that he puts others before himself.

Watch the video to see Kendrick what Ellen gave Kendrick!

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