Evelyn Lozada Returning To Basketball Wives, Planning To Add “Substance And Depth” To Series

One would think that after being labeled a “thug among women” (Iyanla Vanzant’s words, not mine) for her on-screen antics, having a come-to-Jesus moment, getting engaged, having a child and landing your own reality series, the last thing Evelyn Lozada would want to do is return to Basketball Wives.

Evelyn Lozada Basketball Wives

It’s the series that made her infamous for quite some time. However, it’s also the show that propelled her into the spotlight. Lozada hopes that by returning, she can add some depth and remove the ratchetry — or at least some of it.

Lozada is a guest host on The Real December 5-9. That’s where she shared the announcement that she’s coming back to her old controversial reality show.

“The announcement is that I’m coming back to Basketball Wives, she said. “I know what everyone’s thinking: ‘Is she going crazy? This is her going backwards.’ But I’ve had several conversations with Shaunie about this and we really want to change the direction of the show. I feel like a lot of the arguments and the storylines have been done before. They’re a non-factor. I’m like, I should be getting a check every time somebody says that [laughs]. But I mean, we really want to add substance and depth to the show.”

What’s interesting about this new attempt to add “substance” and “depth” is that to have it, Shaunie O’Neal made the decision to cut pretty much everyone from the current cast but Tami Roman and Jackie Christie. Feel free to side-eye that news.

According to, DJ Duffey, Angel Love, Angel Brinks, Brandi Maxiell, and surprisingly, Malaysia Pargo were told that they will not return as official cast members. A source told the publication that the network was going to allow the women to make some cameos here and there.

As for Lozada, it’s unclear what this will mean for her series Livin’ Lozada, on OWNbut we’re sure she can juggle both opportunities. Lozada was a cast member of Basketball Wives for five seasons.

Check out her announcement for yourself below:

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