Expert: Corinne’s Sex Offer to Bachelor Nick Viall Suggests ‘Uncertainty’ in What She ‘Brings to the Table’

Save it for the fantasy suite? With The Bachelor season 21 standout Corinne Olympios having turned heads with her bold moves and sexual advances to earn Nick Viall‘s attention, psychotherapist and relationship expert Rhonda Richards-Smith tells Us Weekly exclusively what the Miami-based business owner’s attempt to seduce the show’s lead in the February 13 episode suggests about their relationship moving forward.

Throughout the season, Olympios, 24, and Viall, 36, have had undeniable sexual chemistry, and she has definitely made her interest in him known. On an early episode, Olympios put his hands on her bare breasts during a photo shoot, and last week, she boasted to the camera about her “sex abilities” before making her way to Viall’s room late at night. The two spent a bit of time behind closed doors getting to know each other better before he ultimately decided to slow things down. So where does the couple go from here?

“Establishing a physical connection is clearly Corinne’s No. 1 priority when it comes to setting the foundation in a relationship,” Richards-Smith tells Us. “Corinne appears to approach love as a game, with her intended partner posing as the challenge she intends to conquer.”

Richards-Smith doesn’t necessarily think that Olympios focusing on her physical connection with Viall is in itself a bad thing, provided that they can bond in other ways.

“While the fact that Corinne is not shy about expressing her needs and desires is a good thing, it is important for her to be honest with herself about what her intentions are in the moment — and over the long haul — if she hopes to find true love with Nick,” the counselor says. “Nick and Corinne appear to be attracted to one another, but it’s too early to tell how genuine their connection truly is. Corinne may be leading with her sexual prowess in hopes of beating Nick to the chase and solidifying herself in the driver’s seat.”

Richards-Smith doesn’t fault Corinne for making a move with Viall, explaining that “the diversity with which women express their sexuality should be celebrated.” The relationship expert continues, “Corinne’s disappointment with the outcome of her visit with Nick may elude to her uncertainty about what other qualities she brings to the table and the value she brings to her romantic partnerships.”

“In the future, Corinne may want to consider sharing a more vulnerable side of herself if she hopes to establish a loving and meaningful emotional connection,” Richards-Smith adds.

As for the Bachelor himself, Viall — who slept with Kaitlyn Bristowe early on during The Bachelorette season 11 — can be as deliberate as he wants with his actions on this latest journey, according to Richards-Smith. “Unlike the ladies, whose fate is in question from week to week, time is on Nick’s side this go-round, and he is certainly in no rush to delve into a serious relationship before he feels ready,” she says.

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