Facebook Gets Into The Original Content Game

Streaming websites such Netflix, Youtube and Amazon have a new competitor when it comes to creating original content, and it’s not who you would expect. Social media giant Facebook has just green lit two new original series to enter the game.

The first series is called Returning the Favor, and it features former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe travelling across the United States looking for people who put their community first. In a teaser posted on his Facebook page, Rowe showed a clip of a motorcycle mechanic helping vets with PTSD. 

The second series is a docuseries looking at the recently drafted UCLA basketballer Lonzo Ball and his siblings Liangelo and LaMelo, who are also basketball prodigies in their own right. As of this point the series doesn’t have a title, but with the amount of press the newly signed Los Angeles Lakers star has been getting the show is sure to be a hit.

For the moment Facebook hasn’t released much more information on the shows, including how long they will run for, but it’s a good start, and one that will take Facebook to the next level.

Photo: Mike Rowe Facebook