Famous Black Women Over 70 (And 80) Who’ve Been Swimming In The Fountain Of Youth

Shirley Bassey


Dame Shirley Bassey may be 81, but she has managed to not only maintain her legendary singing voice, but also her youthfulness.

While taking the stage at Sir Bruce: A Celebration over the weekend, a TV special tribute for British entertainer Bruce Forsyth, Bassey stunned in a sheer, pearl-adorned, floor-length gown while singing “Almost Like Being in Love.” Her performance and look had plenty of people in awe on social media, with comments like “Is Shirley Bassey really 81? Good grief. She looks amazing,” and “Dame Shirley, she’s still got it, at 81. Puts todays ‘singers’ to shame .”

Interesting enough, this performance and flawless look follows recent rumors that Bassey had actually died. But as her reps put it and we can see, she’s “alive and kicking.” And slaying!

Seeing the beautiful singer still looking and performing her best made us think of the many other iconic women in their 70s and 80s, defying the passage of time and maintaining a glow. Check out nine other women who’ve aged quite gracefully. We want to be just like them when we grow up — or at least look something like ’em.