Fidelity Founder Jason Trotzuk Talks Spring 2017 Denim Trends

As the creative director of Fidelity Denim, it’s safe to say that Jason Trotzuk is passionate about jeans. The Vancouver-born and Los Angeles-based founder was recently in Toronto for the preview of his Fall 2017 collection at Terroni. With denim reigning supreme for Spring 2017, Real Style had the opportunity to chat with Trotzuk about trends in jeans. From embracing distressed denim to accessorizing this casual wardrobe essential, here’s everything that he had to share with us about wearing your jeans this season.

Real Style: What are some ways to wear the distressed denim trend for Spring 2017?

Jason: The more worn out the distressing looks, the more natural and effortless it will look. Right now, we have a mini denim skirt that has distressing on it that’s a great alternative to wear the trend rather than full length jeans.

Real Style: Are there any celebrities who you think have great style when it comes to denim?

Jason: Gigi Hadid. Gigi was born and raised in California, but now resides in New York City and she does such a great job at merging the two vibes together, especially when it comes to her denim wardrobe. She has such a California beach babe essence, but complements that perfectly by dressing for a New York lifestyle. She can make jeans look casual and cool, or dressy and fierce, and everything looks good on her.

Real Style: Which denim trends do you think are best left in the past, and why?

Jason: The best part of what is currently happening in the denim market is that there literally are no more rules. People are really taking trends and translating them to their own preference and personal style. I don’t think there are things that should be left in the past. The ideal would be to take inspiration and styles from the past and put your own touch to it. Personalizing is so easy now. All you need are a pair of scissors, some patches and a washing machine.

Real Style: What are some great ways to make denim look chic for Casual Friday at the office?

Jason: Jeans need to fit, first and foremost. A well-fitted pair of jeans is key to looking chic for Casual Friday, no matter what accessories you wear. Women love our Belvedere and Gwen high-rise for their comfort and fit. Axl is our girlfriend jean that flatters all bodies and fits well.

Real Style: Lastly, what are some new ways to accessorize your favourite jeans this spring?

Jason: Spring/Summer are the best seasons to wear cropped/shorter in-seamed denim and a chance to show off statement socks or really emphasize your favorite pair of shoes! A white tee or button- up goes a long way with jeans, and you can accessorize it with layered jewellery.

Photos: Fidelity Denim