Flashback Friday: Remember The Little Girl From Crooklyn? Zelda Harris Is All Grown Up Now



The tale of how I stumbled upon finding Zelda Harris, also known as the little girl from Crooklyn named Troy, is a short and simple story.

I was working on a story and I couldn’t remember the name of actress Alfre Woodard. So I typed in “cast of Crooklyn” and as was the case years ago, the same incorrect photo of a woman Google was claiming was Harris stared me in the face. I clicked on the woman’s picture, who clearly looked much older and different, just to see what I would find, and wound up finding this photo:

It’s a photo from Harris’s Twitter account.

“Now that looks like her!” I said to myself. And as I proceeded to fish through her Twitter (established in 2012), and ran across her Instagram page (the first photo is from 2015), I realized it really was her. Troy “the boy” from Crooklyn is all grown up.

And for the record, so is her slick-mouth friend Minnie, the Puerto Rican girl with the pigtails from the movie. Her name is Tiasha Reyes:

Troy Minnie Reunion!!! Yo, y’all will never believe how much fun we had reuniting!!! Thank you so much to everyone who tuned to our live video!!! I learned so much that I never even knew before about the film!!! #zeldaharris #crooklyn #troytheboy #aspikeleejoint #anniversary #blockparty #aintnothang #summergirls

A post shared by Zelda Harris (@mszeldaharris) on May 31, 2017 at 1:45pm PDT

What I learned about Harris is that while she’s made a few cameos in TV shows since 2014, she’s actually more focused on music. She’s in a Los Angeles-based band called Cosmic Waters and can sing and play the piano pretty well:

Wrote this yesterday while I was thinking about the Alabama election. Proud that socialized hatred and abuse got put in check, but let’s be honest – Roy Moore had no business being in the race in the first place with his racist, slavery-loving, sexist, abusive, predatory, xenophobic, anti-Semitic ass. My mind can’t help but wonder how we’re collectively funtioning as a society if someone like that is not only a former State Supreme Court Chief Justice, but also exists as a real viable choice on an actual senatorial ballot. In 2017. I’m proud of the outcome, but it never should have come to this. #always #vote #blackwomen #holdinitdown #alabama #alabamaelections #getwoke #staywoke #elevateyourmind #songs #artactivism #getupstandup #politics #nomoore

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But she can also play the saxophone, which is pretty amazing:

That’s meee rockin out on sax!!! Had so much fun playing saxophone last night with #Latumba!!! Shout out to @lawordsalon and my amazing artist homegirl @Lornaphone for this awesome footage! #saxbae #Latinrock #rafaslounge #Altosax #livemusicla #oogieboogiestudios

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My mind was blown by all of this, mostly because no one had seen an up-to-date picture of Harris in years. We did a “Where Are They Now?” kid stars edition back in 2012 and despite our best efforts, couldn’t find anything new on the Princeton graduate.

Seeing her now, at 32 years old with her natural hair, “conscious” state of mind, and yet, that same smile, is giving us a serious case of nostalgia. See what this beauty from one of your favorite films is looking like and up to now.