Footage Emerged Of J Boog Saying Fizz Ruined “99% Of Everything” After B2K Was Kicked Off Millennium Tour

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The internet erupted into a frenzy when the 2020 Millennium Tour was announced yesterday and Omarion was on the bill without B2K.

The news comes right after fellow B2K bandmate, Lil Fizz, and Omarion’s baby mama, Apryl Jones, went very public with their relationship. Fans speculate that their bizarre romance prompted Omarion to leave B2K behind as he headlines the Millennium Tour with Bow Wow.

The decision left band members Raz-B and J Boog in the dust, and J Boog took to social media to place blame on Fizz before the news hit the web.

Taking to live a week ago, Boog started humming the tune to their hit “Girlfriend,” and said “Dang that’s crazy, ya’ll aint going to see “tu tu tu tu tu tu tu’ no more.”

“Moving on man, this is a great year, we got some things going on,” then he transitioned to, “Fizzle Pop ruined everything, I wouldn’t say he ruined everything,  but about 99% of it though,” he explained as someone off camera began laughing.

But their could be a ray of hope for Boog after all, Spectacular of “Pretty Ricky” offered him an olive branch by suggesting he join their group so he can still dance on the tour.

“We have more space in Pretty Ricky. One more member won’t hurt,” Spectacular wrote underneath Boog’s congratulatory post about the tour.

Boog jumped right in saying, “I’m there n*gga. Tell me where to sign. We can make a deal right nah lol.”

Well if social media comments are true, it looks like Pretty Ricky sent Boog an agreement.

#PressPlay: Though #JBoog congratulated #Omarion on his new tour, a video of him last week jokingly saying #Fizz ruined 99% of everything is going viral ?BUT would y’all be here for #JBoog joining #PrettyRicky?! SWIPE for that tea ???

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Hope it works out for him!