For The First Time Ever, There Was A Woman Of Color On Every Runway This NYFW

The Fashion Spot, which does an evaluation of diversity after every New York Fashion Week, put out their findings for the most recent Fall Fashion Week (last week’s offerings). What they found was that out of the 116 major fashion shows examined, with 2,700 models making an appearance, every runway, for every show, had at least one model of color featured.

New York Fashion Week diversity

Still, they found that 68.5 percent of those cast in the 116 shows were White while 31.5 percent were Black. It doesn’t beat out the Fall 2016 NYFW, which was the most racially diverse in years, but the inclusion of models of color this time around was a slight increase from Spring 2017 shows last year. Some of the most diverse shows included Tracy Reese at 53 percent, Public School at 54 percent, your friend Marc Jacobs at 66 percent, Yeezy Season 5 at 74 percent, Kimora Lee Simmons at 75 percent, and on top, Gypsy Sport at 87 percent. The least diverse include big names like Marchesa (15 percent), Jill Stuart (13 percent) and The Row (13 percent).

But let me not forget to mention that this season’s shows were the most varied in terms of body diversity. Twenty-six plus size models were showcased on nine different runways. Christian Siriano (who dressed Leslie Jones fiercely for the Ghostbusters premiere) helped to bring 10 of those 26 models to the runway with his show, those ladies rocking eveningwear. And other big name brands started changing it up in terms of size, including Prabal Gurung and Michael Kors, who featured Ashley Graham as the first plus-size woman to walk for the designer.

These changes, based on the fact that there were 2,700 models, don’t sound monumental, but we guess any increase is better than a backslide. Check out the full report, including where things stand in terms of transgender and older models, over at The Fashion Spot.