Four Unique Ways To Explore Muskoka


Photo: brewtoursca on Instagram

While most people head up to Muskoka to stay at their cottages, or visit friends, others are just looking for something fun to do up north. There are surprisingly many fun attractions and museums for guests to take part in. Here are some fun attractions for anyone to enjoy up in Muskoka:

Muskoka Brewery: Thirsty for beer? Or just want a tour of a brewery? Head over to the Muskoka Brewery which handcrafts premium beers. There are complimentary tours occurring on Wednesday to Saturday starting at 12:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. Book a group tour for more fun and take home some beers to sip on for later!

Santas Village: Established in 1955, this is a large tourist destination created by local citizens. With over 60 unique attractions, visitors are able to enjoy roller coasters, ferris wheels, paddle boats, ATV bikes, a play village, live ampitheatre shows with clowns, magicians and live entertainers and great food. The village is open all summer for everyone to enjoy.

Tree Museum: This free art show is shown at one of Muskoka’s beautiful forests. It is a great hike that anyone will enjoy. The tour is self-directed with signs to help you enjoy the trail. For a chance to discover and enjoy art, check out the tree museum in Muskoka.

Steamship and Discovery Centre: This one of a kind Muskoka centre is where the traditions of the steamship and boat building era is preserved. Learn about the past to explore what it means to truly spend a summer in Muskoka. Take a tour of the freight deck and meet the crew of the steamship. This is North America’s only in-water exhibit working with antique boats from local boat builders.