From “Foolish” To Fit: 15 Times Ashanti Served Body In Honor Of Her 37th Birthday

Ashanti body

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Ashanti has come a long way from her “Foolish” days. This woman’s figure is crazy! So what’s the secret to the Ashanti body?

Well, the star is proof of what can happen when you tone up and integrate weight training into your workout regimen. She’s managed to get some super tight abs, build up her backside all while maintaining her curves.

And as she told XONecole in 2014, cutting out bad foods, squatting and getting a good colonic from time to time doesn’t hurt either.

“I’m going to be honest with you. This may be TMI but a great colonic does wonders,” she said. “Wonders, I promise you… Colonics and squats and cut out fried foods.”

She has also shared videos of her workouts from time to time, including sessions where she’s doing lunges, barbell hip thrusts and other tough moves, but mostly, the star has shared pictures of the ways in which that hard work has paid off. The outfits have gotten tinier and tighter and she’s proud to display her body whether she’s in leotards or lounging poolside. You can’t blame her.

Ashanti body

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In honor of the “Foolish” singer’s 37th birthday, check out 15 times (there are plenty more though) she’s served all sorts of bawdy (aka, body) as her figure has transformed — naturally.

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