Gianna Martello From “Dance Moms” On Her Diet And Fitness Routine


Having worked as a dancer for 20 years and a choreographer for 11, fitness has always been a part of Gianna Martello’s life. The 27-year old Dance Moms star currently works as a choreographer at the Abby Lee Miller Studio. Though dance takes up most of Martello’s time and energy, she still finds time for other forms of exercise. “I love hot yoga,” Martello said to Real Style. “I used to go three times a week, but when we’re filming I can’t go as frequently.” While she likes attending a variety of fitness classes, she admits that she’s not the biggest gym rat. “Running on a treadmill is so boring to me,” she admits.

Over the past few years, dance fitness has become one of the trendiest ways to work out. This comes as no surprise to Martello. “You’re constantly moving – up, down, everywhere,” she explained, citing the physical nature of dance. Yet unlike many other high-energy, high-impact exercises, dance class offers a level of fun not often found in cardio workouts. “It’s always to great music and it’s always different. You can only lift so many weights at the gym.”

In terms of which dance-fitness classes are the most effective, Martello has a few favourites. “Barre class is so in right now and so fun,” said Martello. “It’s not difficult movement but the muscles and the parts of your body that it targets make it so worth it.” She also mentions jazz and hip-hop classes as other dance classes that double as amazing workouts. For those of us who never took dance lessons when we were younger, the thought of attending a class can be pretty intimidating. Martello insists, however, that dance is for everyone. “You can start dancing at any age,” she reassured us. “There are dance classes for every level.”

When it comes to her diet, Martello likes to keep it clean and simple. “I try to eat a lot of chicken and fish,” she said. “Sushi is my favourite thing, so it’s not that difficult.” When it comes to cravings, Martello knows what works for her body and what doesn’t. “I’m not a huge bread and pasta person, so I stay away from all of that,” she said. When she does treat herself, however, she prefers salty and spicy foods over sweets.

Despite her healthy habits, Martello admits that it can be tough to maintain a balanced diet with all the travelling she does. “I really buckle down [on healthy eating] when we aren’t filming because it’s so hard being on the road.” With the seventh season of  Dance Moms coming up, we’re sure that this fitness fanatic can expect to see her busy schedule get even more jam packed. 

Photo: Ryan West