Giant Furry Blob Washes Up On A Beach In The Philippines. You Will Not Believe What It Is!

As long as we’ve been on this Earth, we are still discovering new things. New plants, animals and rare phenomenons are among them. When we spot something unusual, our initial thought might be one of fear. But as we dig a little deeper, intrigue and fascination often surpass our fears and allow us to appreciate something new.

The latest “something new” comes from the beaches of Cagdainao, part of the Dinagat Islands in the Philippines. A large, white, furry blob washed up onto the shore, prompting locals to wonder what in the world it could be.

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The white, hairy lump is about 20 feet in length. It weighs 2.2 tons and has no eyes or a discernible head. Plenty of suggestions have already poured in online as to what it might be. These identification attempts range from fictional animated characters brought to the real world, to a gigantic Shih Tzu dog.

Scientists have since identified the blob, spoiling the fun. So if you want to place your bet, now is the time.

Drumroll, please…

If you guessed a white woolly mammoth, you’re a bit off base. If you guessed a unknown giant sea creature, you’re a little closer to the actual truth. Scientists have explained that the mysterious blob is actually a decomposing whale that died about two weeks ago.

All of the white fluff is the result of the whale being in an advanced stage of decomposition. It’s not actually hair that you’re seeing – it’s rotting muscle fibers on the carcass of a dead whale.

While blaming the event on aliens would’ve been much more fun, now we know the truth. Personally, I was hoping for the giant, white, fluffy dog.

Check out the video below for more info on the world’s latest sea monster:

IFL Science
Daily Mail

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