Gladiator Sequel Officially Moving Forward

The 2000 Oscar winning film Gladiator is finally getting the sequel that has long been rumoured, and while star Russell Crowe isn’t coming along for the journey, director Ridley Scott is back behind the camera.

The original Gladiator was a huge success at both the box office and the awards season. The film earned over $400 million worldwide, and was nominated for 11 Oscars. It eventually took home 5 statues including Best Picture and Best Actor. The plot follows the story of a Roman general who was betrayed by a corrupt emperor who killed his family and sent him in to slavery. At the end of the film Crowe’s character Maximus is killed, and people assumed the story was over. Director Ridley Scott however has claimed for years that he planned on making a sequel, but but wasn’t clear how. Now however details have started to emerge that the story will follow Lucius, the son of Connie Neilsen’s character Lucilla in the first film. Lucius is the nephew of the corrupt emperor that Joaquin Phoenix played. Lucius will apparently be greatly influenced by Maximus’ legacy.

While no exact date has been given for production to start, Deadline is reporting that it could happen very quickly. Scott is just about to start filming his first TV series Raised By Wolves, and word is Gladiator 2 will be next as the script is currently being worked on.