Greige Lips Are A Natural New Makeup Trend

greige lips 2

Photo: jessicahazemua on Instagram 

Along with the season’s pretty pink lips, tones of grey and beige have officially combined to form a new mauve shade which is affectionately known as greige.

On Instagram, beauty gurus have been sporting the subtle yet surprisingly sexy lip colour in all its glory. Inspired by celebrities like Gigi Hadid, this natural-looking shade can easily suit all skin tones from porcelain to ebony.


Photo: sounthie on Instagram 

Combined with contoured cheekbones, a glowing visage and fierce eye makeup, greige lips can be an unexpectedly sexy colour choice. If you normally sport magenta or red lipstick and are looking for an au naturel summer alternative, you may want to slick on a greige-coloured lip gloss or liquid lipstick.


Photo: on Instagram 

If you have a lighter skin tone, you can use a slightly lighter greige shade with soft hints of mauve. Meanwhile, olive or darker skin tones can experiment with more bold, grey-tinted takes on the colour, in order to flatter your pigmentation. While it can be a beauty challenge to find the perfect shade for your visage, experimenting with varying shades of greige can help you master this trend.