Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington Spills on Paul Cliffhanger

Camilla Luddington on Grey's Anatomy
Camilla Luddington on Grey’s Anatomy Richard Cartwright via Getty Images

In case you missed it, Jo Wilson’s (Camilla Luddington) abusive ex husband returned to Grey Sloan to finally sign the divorce papers, because he was about to marry Jenny (guest star Bethany Joy Lenz). Naturally, Jo was horrified to see him and decided to pull Jenny aside to give her a warning and her number, just in case she needed anything. Jenny ended up telling Paul (Matthew Morrison) about that and he, in turn, confronted Jo again, saying he’d always have her contact info now, just in case he wanted to find her.

Basically, she was scared for her life. So was it a coincidence that the next morning, Paul was found very injured after a hit and run accident? The episode ended with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) looking at Paul in the hospital bed, then looking to Jo and Alex (Justin Chambers) and asking, “What did you do?”

Were Jo and Alex responsible? Did Paul’s fiancée do it? In an interview with TVLine, Luddington admits she was very “surprised” to hear about the twisted story line and what had happened to Paul.

Matthew Morrison on Grey's Anatomy
Matthew Morrison on Grey’s Anatomy Richard Cartwright via Getty Images

“When I was told that’s how the episode ended, I asked, ‘Did Alex and Jo do it?’ I can’t tell you their response, because that will be in the next episode,” she teased. “But I was shocked! I know I should be used to all of the show’s twists by now, but even I was surprised by that one!”

While she obviously couldn’t reveal if Alex and Jo were to blame for Paul’s “accident,” she did admit that after reading the full episode, she understands how Jo could be guilty. “I did wonder whether she felt so desperate in that moment that she thought this was the only way she could protect herself. I know that that’s not what Jo would ever intend to do, but this is Grey’s Anatomy — anything can happen! Characters can do things that, even as the actor playing them, you find completely surprising,” the recently engaged actress said.

Not able to say much more about the story, Luddington pointed out that the next episode is not at all what fans will expect. This is Shondaland after all!

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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