Guess Where We’ll See Mrs. Obama Next?

Michelle Obama DNC

We know you’ve been missing seeing our former and forever First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama. And apparently, once the two island-dwelling lovebirds return from their vacation, we know where we can catch Mrs. Obama.

On “Master Chef Junior.”

According to The Grio. when the show returns for its fifth season, Mrs. Obama will be the special guest later this month. “Master Chef Junior,” a cooking competition for young chefs between the ages of 8-13. In addition to the former First Lady, Martha Stewart and the Muppets will make an appearance on this season of the show.

Naturally, this appearance is a good fit for Mrs. Obama since she spent her tenure as First Lady advocating for healthy eating and exercise for children.

Master Chef Junior airs on Thursday nights on Fox at 8/9c.

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