Hair-Raising Halloween Events Across Canada

As the end of October approaches, it’s time to move on from the heartfelt sentiments of Thanksgiving and prepare to get spooked. This Halloween, there’s no shortage of eerie events to help you celebrate the most frightening time of the year.  Whether you want to scare yourself silly or enjoy some family-friendly fun, there’s sure to be an event perfect for your spooktastic needs. Take a break from trick or treating by visiting a haunted house or interacting with the dead – the choice is yours.


Photo: fortlangleynhs on Instagram


Halloween Haunt- Toronto, Ontario 

Canada’s Wonderland, Toronto’s largest amusement park, is a hot spot for family fun during the summer months. Yet come October, watch this beloved attraction transform over night from a cheerful park to a land of menacing monsters and ghastly ghosts. All of the summer’s rides are still open, but are now accompanied by a variety of frightful activities including terrifying mazes and haunted houses. Yet the scariest part of the entire park is not the number of designated “scare zones”, but instead the park’s employees, who, dressed as clowns, mental patients, and other fearful characters, chase and terrorize guests.

Screamfest – Calgary, Alberta

Are you brave enough to walk among zombies, ghouls, and demons for the night? Advertised as Canada’s largest and scariest Halloween event, Screamfest is not for the faint of heart. The frightening festival boasts a multitude of activities and attractions, from haunted houses, carnival events, live entertainment and more. Some of their more notable events include Zombie Paint-ball, a game which puts a terrifying twist on traditional paint balling by featuring moving zombies as the targets, and Coffin Ride, a ride that offers the sensation of being buried alive.

Fort Langley’s Grave Tales – Vancouver, British Columbia

Fort Langley was once the site where Hudson’s Bay Company fur traders negotiated with British Columbia’s indigenous people. Today, its rich history is protected in the form of a national historic site, with many key buildings from the 1800s preserved. Inspired by the number of ghost stories that circle the village, Parks Canada created the Grave Tales Walking Tour. Starting mid-October, visitors can follow guided walks of Fort Langley that place an emphasis on the paranormal. If you’re a firm naysayer of all things supernatural, you may be interested to know that all of the ghosts you hear of at Grave Tales have been seen or felt by at least four local residents. With a variety of paths aimed at different age groups, this attraction is perfect for families and adult thrill-seekers alike.

Haunted Montreal Ghost Tours – Montreal, Quebec

During the day, downtown Montreal is a bustling metropolis filled with business people. Yet at night, this cosmopolitan area becomes a hot spot for paranormal activity – at least, according to Haunted Montreal Ghost Tours. Throughout the month of October, take a guided walk through downtown Montreal and watch as the city’s dark secrets are revealed. With stops including haunted hotels, demon-infested churches and forgotten cemeteries, this tour is sure to be a terrifying trip through this Quebecois city that you’ll never forget.