“He Ain’t Going Nowhere”: Everything Jennifer Hudson Has Said About Her Engagement Over The Years

In her most recent interview, Jennifer Hudson chatted with Ellen DeGeneres about everything that’s going on with her life. The two hadn’t sat down with one another in five years, so many things had happened since then. One of the many things the talk show host wanted to catch up on is Hudson’s wedding plans with David Otunga. Her response to the question of what the holdup is on them walking down the aisle was, “I’m not in a rush” and “He ain’t going nowhere.”

When I saw the interview I said to myself, “Her rep needs to tell people to stop asking her about that because I know she has to be tired about of talking about whether or not they’re getting married.” And the truth is, since they became engaged in 2008, that’s all Hudson and Otunga have spent the last nearly nine years doing — explaining when they’re getting married and why they haven’t already. Don’t believe me? Take a look at everything she’s said about the state of their relationship since they first attempted to take things to the next level.

Jennifer Hudson engagement

Everything Takes Time – 2008

When speaking to MTV soon after her engagement, Hudson said about Otunga and their relationship, “Everything to me takes time,” she said. “We talked for a very long time before we got into each other. We got a good chance to know each other and we made really good friends out of it, which led us to this.”