Hearing Finds This Vaccine Ingredient Has Never Been Tested For Safety!

An ingredient that is commonly used in vaccines has never been tested to make sure it’s safe. It’s been revealed that thimerosal has never been evaluated for safety by any government health agency.

Thimerosal was developed in 1929 by Eli Lilly. Since its creation, its safety has never been tested. In 2004, the House of Representatives met for the Committee on Government Reform Hearing. In the video, a member of the House can be heard explaining, “We’re talking about why they’re putting mercury in vaccinations and why it’s never been tested since 1929 when Lilly developed it.”

He asks, “Has thimersol ever been tested by a health agency?” Willam Egan of the FDA responds, “Only… in those early tests that you know of that were done by Lilly.”

The testing he referrs to was conducted in 1929. Thimerosal was tested on 27 people that were dying of meningitis. All of the patients died from meningitis, and researchers concluded that there was no correlation between their death and mercury in the vaccines.

The men in the video discuss the fact that mercury is being put into people’s bodies that has never been tested by a health agency. According to the video, the IOM “favors rejection of a causal relationship between mercury and autism and other neurological disorders.”

Egan is directly asked, “Can you say to me right now that that amount of mercury being injected into a baby will not hurt it?” Egan responds, “It’s impossible to make those categorical statements 100%… Do I have evidence for every single child for every possible dose? The answer is no.”

Mercury in vaccines has been linked to autism in several different studies.

Watch the video below to see a clip from the hearing:

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