Here’s Why Pepsi Had To Pull That Kendall Jenner Protest Ad

It’s always a bit sad when people do things with good intentions and the overall impact sends a message that is the complete opposite. And while I can’t exactly say selling sugary drinks is the most noble cause, that’s exactly what happened to Pepsi when they released their most recent ad, featuring Kendall Jenner. While it is a pity, there are far more people and causes toward which I can direct my sympathy. A billion dollar corporation like Pepsico will be aight.

For those who haven’t seen the ad, let’s start with that.

For one thing, it’s all over the place. What does Kendall Jenner have to do with a protest? For which cause are these people protesting? And most importantly, how in the hell is a Pepsi going to make it all better. With all the instances of police brutality, murders at the hands of police, and the unjust arrests during the real life protests, this ad was just ill-timed, a bit hard to follow and completely deaf and blind to the real struggles that exist in this world.

And chile, the good people of Twitter let Pepsi know just that. See what they said that eventually led the beverage company to issue an apology and pull the advertisement.