Here’s Why Zoe Saldana And Her Sisters Are Trading Resolutions For Intentions In 2017

With the new year just some hours away, many of us are writing down our resolutions for the new year. However, for Zoe Saldana and her sisters Mariel and Cisely, they’ve chosen to take a different approach to ringing in 2017.

Instead, the Afro-Latina trio are trading their resolutions for intentions. On their woman-focused YouTube channel Cinestar, the ladies shared their decisions.

“You see, intention feels more like an active verb,” Zoe explained. “Why not just be? Let’s say instead of trying to be brave, instead of trying to be nice, just be nice. Just intend to be nice. I feel that has a different kind of approach, and it will bring a different kind of result.”

Press play on the video above and see the sisters share their excitement of the fresh start the new year brings, revealing other aspects of themselves from faith to openness.