Hilarious Reasons You’ve Probably Slept With Somebody

Back in the day, when life was just one long episode of “Sex and the City” and it felt like, every week, you had some pretty absurd hookup stories to catch your friends up on, it didn’t take much for you to go home with someone. Especially since you were young, broke and hungry. And thirsty (but not in the literal sense—you drank plenty). It would be nice if you could say you saw a future and felt a connection with every guy you ever slept with, but you’d just be lying. Maybe today you’re more selective, but when you were younger, your priorities were all scrambled up—keeping your number low wasn’t nearly as important as a few other odd things. Here are hilarious reasons you or someone you know has probably slept with someone.

He had a cute dog

Dogs do the same thing to women that cute babies do; they get those must mate hormones flowing! Your apartment wouldn’t allow dogs at the time, and all you had to do was sleep with this dude who—hey—was cute enough to snuggle with Spot? You were in.