How Your Environment Affects What You Eat

Do you have that one restaurant that you always walk out of over-stuffed? Each time you go in there, you seem to overeat, and you don’t even realize it while it’s happening. You don’t even necessarily order (what you believe to be) unhealthy items there, but you just can’t seem to leave comfortably full. Then you have places you always leave hungry, which is frustrating in its own right since you paid good money to dine there. How did you lose touch with your stomach in those places, and not notice that you were stuffed to the gills, or not quite yet satisfied? It could have been the environment since that’s the one thing that likely stays the same. Your mood and hunger level walking in may change, but the place won’t. Here is how your environment affects what you eat.

The buffet layout

When you first walk into any grab-all environment, like a close-out sale or a buffet, your eyes are far less discerning. Everything looks like a good idea because it’s cheap, or all included. If the buffet sets the cheesy potatoes and pot roast towards the front of the line, you’ll likely eat more of this than the salads simply because the salads come later, but your plate is already full.