I Hate Tasha For No Damn Reason

Tasha Insecure

Credit: HBO

Last night I sat through episode 2 of season 2 of Insecure, but instead of “Hella Questions,” like the episode title suggested, I had hella shade, all for one lady in particular: Tasha.

I haven’t been a fan of Tasha ever since, well, I knew there was a character named Tasha on the show. From the very moment Lawrence stepped in the bank and she began to inflate his non-directional ego, I knew she was going to be a problem. And while it took a minute longer than she planned for them to get it poppin’, I knew that sex scene that blew everyone’s mind at the end of season 1 was coming, because Tasha is the epitome of an old waiting-in-the-wings rebound jumpoff and it’s for that reason I have nothing for her.

But, of course, men see her completely different. I had the unfortunate experience of watching last night’s episode with a man and by the second time I huffed at her appearance on the screen, he had to know what the beef was. “Why are you mad at her? A lot of women get hung up on chivalry and not wanting to approach a man, but she just went after what she wanted.” I rolled my eyes, called her thirsty and suggested we leave it at that. Part of me knew he was right, but the rest of me didn’t care. Ol’ girl really didn’t do anything wrong per say — other than plant a seed and wait for it to bloom — but it’s not just her role as a stereotypical rebound that annoys me, it’s her persona, and I’m not really sure what that says about me.

I’m about 99 percent sure if Tasha were a Molly-like character — you know, mildly in control of her sexuality and somewhat refined –I’d be all for her and Lawrence. But once Tasha got into calling Lawrence “zaddy,” busting out nipple rings, and scratching her weave while sayshaying to the bathroom in a thong, I was just like, “ugh.” I’d love to say I had some type of super analysis for the hypersexual hood southern belle trope, but all I thought was “Ugh,” and for no good reason other than she’s the embodiment of the type of chick you’d expect a man who just got two nickles to rub together to run to when his last girl finally got fed up with his ambitious-less a–. She’s the type of chick that makes women stay in unfulfilling relationships just so the next women doesn’t reap the benefits of their pain. But that’s not her fault and it’s really no reason to hate her, but I still do.

And already we see Tasha starting to win — if you consider Lawrence a prize. He was upfront and honest with her about sleeping with Issa and her country-twang laden “You hungry?” invitation after he confessed suggests she’s still got a little element of thirst to her. Though she was right — she and Lawrence didn’t say they’d be exclusive so he wasn’t necessarily wrong either. But even though the two seem like they’re going to be able to put this bump in the road behind them, one thing that’s clear is the budding couple hardly has long-term potential. And so, I will simply have to tuck in my misguided hate for a few more episodes until this situation dies down. Or I get over my hangups with her.

How do you feel about Tasha?