I Will Never Understand It: Braxton Sisters Talk About Traci’s Decision To Continue Filming “Braxton Family Values”

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 16: Tracy Braxton appears to discuss “Braxton Family Values” during the AOL BUILD Speaker Seriesat AOL Studios In New York on May 16, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images)

The Braxton sister drama and the walk out has been a season-long, drawn out thing. And while most of the sisters were on the same page as far as refusing to film the rest of the season, Traci Braxton decided to continue…alone.

The sisters have returned—because contracts must be fulfilled and they discussed why they felt they needed to leave and what they made of Traci’s decision to continue filming—without telling them.

Towanda: We said that we were going on strike because we knew that we had to make a difference and in order to make difference, we had to make a stand. And the stand was, we’re not going to work. Me, Trina and Traci were on the phone that day, it was on a Wednesday, and we all said we weren’t going to show up for work. And we all agreed. Next thing I know, we didn’t even know that she showed up. She didn’t even tell us that she showed up.

In her confessional, Towanda said, “I will never completely understand the rhyme or reason why Traci continued to work and not inform the family.”

While Towanda was confused, Trina wishes Traci had given her a heads up, but is still happy with the way things turned out.

Traci: In a way, I’m kind of happy that it happened for her. Because I feel like Traci now felt like or feels like she has her own moment. Again, the way she went about it is some bull. But if this is what she feels like what she needs to do, she needs to do what’s best for her.

See what the sisters had to say in the video below.