Ice Cream Parlours Across Canada To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

Photo: sweetjesus on Instagram 

After an endless winter, it seems that the first whisperings of summer have finally arrived in Canada. Whether you are craving a sweet treat while out running weekend errands or wanting to catch up with an old friend over a cone, there’s nothing quite like ice cream. From cones, to soft serve, to crazy toppings, we’ve got the scoop on where to enjoy everyone’s favourite frozen dessert at an ice cream parlour near you. 

Mister Artisan Ice Cream, Vancouver, BC

Mister Artisan Ice Cream claims to be famous for their smoking ice cream, which is made with liquid nitrogen as well as their toasted s’mores on a stick. For those who want to stray from the classic vanilla soft serve cone, this might be worth a visit. 

Soft Peaks, Vancouver, BC

This Vancouver ice cream shop is known for its quirky flavoured soft serve. The menu is said to offer 11 flavours, which include a matcha powdered soft serve that is topped with sweet red beans.

Village Ice Cream, Calgary, AB

The Village Ice Cream is a Calgary staple as it offers a delicious variety of flavors, cones, and savoury toppings such as pretzels and popcorn. There are two locations, with shops located at 431 10 Avenue SE, and 820 49 Avenue SE.

My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe, Calgary. AB

If you have difficulty finding an ice cream flavor you like you might have some luck at My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe. This shop is said to offer an impressive 72 flavours, with options such as classic cotton candy and birthday cake and also more unconventional options like black sherry swirl. 

Sweet Jesus, Across Ontario

Sweet Jesus has multiple locations in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Port Carling and Ottawa. This popular spot is said to offer a variety of toppings, and is known for their vanilla soft serve which can be eaten in a cup or cone. The ice cream store which features a church-like neon design also sells Mexican paletas, coffee, and hot chocolate, for those who want a warm treat instead. 

Eva’s Original Chimneys, Toronto, ON

Eva’s Original Chimneys at 454 Bloor Street West is famous for their churro-like doughnut cones that are coated in cinnamon sugar. If you are in the mood for far more than just a scoop, the creative take on a typical ice cream cone might satisfy your hunger. 

La Diperie in Montreal, QC, and Toronto, ON

This chain claims to offer colourful dipped soft serve ice cream, that you and your friends can post all over Snapchat and Instagram for a social media worthy dessert. There are over 10 locations in Montreal alone, including 68 Avenue des Pins E. and 372 Danforth Avenue. Toronto also has one of these  parlours at 923 Queen Street West.