IKEA Wants Us All To Relax


Have you ever taken a look at the world around you and wondered when did things get so competitive when it comes to food? Families used to get together in the evening and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, and not have to take to the internet to brag about what they’re eating. Thanks to blogs, TV and more cookbooks than you can possibly imagine, the bar is constantly raised and when we accomplishes a meal that is just as great looking as something we’ve seen online, we want to show the world what we’ve created. IKEA wants to change that though, and in their new film “Let’s Relax” they want to help people say goodbye to stress and enjoy the art of cooking once more.

In the short film you see a family from long ago sitting down to enjoy a feast, only to be stopped so an artist can paint a picture of the meal before they eat it. After a lot of time has passed, and the family is falling asleep, the artist is finished, and once a thumbs up is received from the head of the family, the portrait is rushed throughout the countryside. It really is a commentary on how ridiculous and competitive we’ve become. Thanks to social media we are bombarded with our friends and family’s meals on a daily basis. While social media can unite and inspire us, it can also set impossible standards and make us feel inadequate. In a recent poll, IKEA discovered that 23% of people think reliable wi-fi is more important than a space in the home for socializing. 60% stated that they use social media to explore food ideas. 16% of 18-29 year olds eat and drink while online, and 15% of that same group post pictures while they are eating. Those are all astounding numbers, and ones we may want to think about changing.

IKEA wants us to take a step back from all of that, and for us to understand that no one is perfect. We don’t have to let the images of what others are doing add unnecessary stress to our lives, and we don’t have to tell everyone what we are doing all the time. Say goodbye to following trends, and say hello to doing what makes you happy and relaxed. Doing things your way, might just be the right way.

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