“I’m Completely And Utterly And Better Than Them” The Internet Feels A Way About A Dr. Phil Guest Denying Her Race

dr. phil guest denies black race and claims she is Caucasian


When it comes to talk shows like The Dr. Phil Show and The Maury Povich Show, it can be hard to distinguish what is staged for ratings and if guests are truly facing problems or if they just want five minutes of fame. Viewers, however, are taking the claims of a recent Dr. Phil Show guest seriously after she denied her race and furthermore claimed Tupac Shakur was wrong and being Black is far from “the thing to be”.

16-year-old guest “Treasure” appeared on the show to not only confirm she wants zero parts of Black identity and culture but also to claim that she is Caucasian and riding with Hitler and the entire KKK when it comes to their racist views:

“I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from African Americans.”

“Black people are ugly, dumb and just downright gorillas.”

The teen who chose to only be identified by her first name went on to explain how she doesn’t share physical features that are common among African-Americans such as big lips or coarse or curly hair stating that her hair is “naturally straight” and “not nappy” and “doesn’t require a weave”. However, she does claim she has a figure similar to reality star Kim Kardashian.

Most of the clips I was able to sit through just featured the teen wanting to put as much distance between herself and the African-American race as a much as possible with her stating that not only isn’t she black, she’s much better then them because of her claimed Caucasian race:

“I believe that I’m completely and utterly and better than them.”

She also went on to say that African-Americans are “really dangerous” and shared that when passing a Black person on the street she would “cross the street to avoid their chaotic, thuggish ways”.

Treasure’s mother also made an appearance sharing that her daughter has no empathy for others, has followed the KKK on social media and used to humiliate her Black dolls as a child. She also questions if she played a part in this obvious pathology by misleading treasure about the identity of her father who is no longer in her life. For some added flavor, Dr. Phil even invited Atlanta-based life-coach “Spirit” to the show who pretty much just read the writing on the wall by surmising that if Treasure’s beliefs are real they are merely evidence of self-hatred more than racism:

“It’s not that she hates black people; it’s that she hates herself.”

Although Dr. Phil interjected to say Treasure’s comments were riddled with ignorance and attempted to stage an intervention to address the teen’s evident self-hatred, Twitter wasn’t so quick to deem him the white savior and said if Treasure in fact was a real guest, her appearance on the show was nothing short of exploitative:

I don’t know where to begin except to say that television has officially hit an all-time low. If Treasure is evidence of what happens in a time when what we have to offer our youth in terms of representation and images that uplift and celebrate them is readily available, we still have hella work to do. Many on social media also debated Treasure’s right to be trans-racial in Rachel Dolezal kind of world. I think Treasure can claim to be camouflage if she likes but that still doesn’t explain her views on white supremacy nor her denigration of people of color. Lastly, if Treasure is truly suffering from an identity crisis, why the hell is her beloved behind sitting in front of Dr. Phil and not elbows deep in some intense life coaching courtesy of Iyanla Vanzant and Amanda Seales?

If you can stomach Treasure’s racist claims, you can check out a few clips of her appearance on the show below: