“I’m Just Too Black And Fine!” Gabby Sidibe Shows Off Amazing Weight Loss And Confidence

If you’ve been keeping your eye on Gabourey Sidibe over the last few months, you may have noticed that the Academy Award-nominated actress has been slimming down.

Gabby Sidibe weight loss

Because of the obsession with her size since she stepped on the scene with her role in Precious (despite her constantly sunny demeanor, that hasn’t stopped haters from consistently fat-shaming Sidibe), the Empire star didn’t talk about any plans to lose weight. She’s been very vocal about loving herself and learning to be content with whatever her body is doing.

“It’s something I had to work on,” Sidibe told Oprah Winfrey while visiting her talk show in 2009. “My first diet started when I was six years old. And so, I’ve never been a small girl. One day, I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and no matter what other people thought of my body. I had to love myself…I just got tired of feeling bad all the time. I got tired of hating myself. And so, I really, really had to have a conversation with myself and find what I love about myself.”

And while she’s kept any weight loss plans and goals to herself, Sidibe has showed off healthy snacks she’s taken to work to munch on between takes:

Packed healthy snacks for work like I’m running away from home.

A photo posted by Gabby Sidibe ?? (@gabby3shabby) on Aug 12, 2016 at 10:34am PDT

Whatever she’s been doing has been working well because Sidibe has lost quite a bit of weight. Just this past weekend, she snapped a picture of her slimmer figure in the mirror and celebrated the fact that she’s more comfortable than ever taking pictures of herself: “I’m just too Black and fine!”

I used to hate mirror selfies. Now I do them everyday. I’m just too black and fine! I can’t help it! ✊???✊?

A photo posted by Gabby Sidibe ?? (@gabby3shabby) on Feb 2, 2017 at 2:01pm PST

She’s always been confident, but Sidibe is showing off a new side of that confidence these days with her increased selfies. Check out a few images of her weight loss transformation from the star’s Instagram account and get inspired!