Internet Responds After Store Fires Employee For Preventing Kidnapping

A Home Depot employee recently stopped a child from getting kidnapped while he was at work. Instead of praising him, the popular company fired him for violating company policy, and the internet is not having it.

Dillon’s Story

Dillon Reagan of Portland, Oregon posted about the incident on Facebook. He wrote, “The Friday before Mothers’ Day, I was involved in a kidnapping attempt at my place of work. A woman had been assaulted and her child had been abducted by a drunk, violent man who was making a quick exit with the child in his arms. My co-worker and I called the police and followed their directions to follow at a distance and make sure they could find them when the squad care [sic] arrived on scene.”

Dillon followed directions from the police and kept a close eye on the kidnapper. As a result, he was fired. He explained, “Because of the actions of my co-worker and myself, that child was rescued from his abductor and the man was arrested on the spot. Today, Home Depot terminated my employment. I was fired for stopping a kidnapper from successfully abducting a child.”

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He posted a photo of the letter he received from Home Depot detailing the reasons for his termination. It reads, “You were employed by THE HOME DEPOT until June 19, 2017, when you were fired because you assisted the police in preventing a kidnapping. This was not a willful or wantonly negligent violation of the standards of behavior an employer has the right to expect of an employee.”

Facebook users across the country were outraged by the story and came to his defense.

Dillon, 32, explained, “At the time, the only thing I was thinking about was the child’s safety.” Dillon said his manager told him, “You did the wrong thing. You should have just gone back to work.”

Home Depot said in a statement, “This was a very complex situation, so we’re taking another look at the decision. We always want to be certain that we’re treating any associate fairly.”

Dillon said if he was given the chance, he would respond the same way. “We should be doing the right thing regardless of what company policy is, regardless of what the consequence is,” he said. “What’s good and what’s right, supersedes what’s policy and what’s orders. Hands down.”

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