‘Intervention’ Recap: Jasmine Robs Her Grandfather, Turns to Sex Work to Pay for Drugs

This week’s episode of AE’s Intervention brought many painful tears as we watched 26-year-old Jasmine tumble down the spiral of her fentanyl and crack cocaine addiction.

Jasmine Spent $1,200-1,500 Dollars a Day on Fentanyl

Jasmine, a 26-year-old mother from Elliot Lake, Ontario, said of her fentanyl addiction, “It numbs me. It completely takes away everything around me.” Her grandfather, Reg, who lived with her at the time of filming, explained, “She might spend $1,200, $1,500 in one day.” It was heartbreaking to watch Jasmine admit to the camera, “I know I am an addict, and I can see myself spiraling out of control.… I have no friends, and I have no life.” Her mom, Carmen, then pleaded to the camera, saying, “She’s gonna end up dead or in jail.”

Despite a Happy Childhood, Jasmine’s Teen Years Were Marred by Addiction

After having a childhood filled with dancing and figure skating, Jasmine turned to drug abuse as she entered her teen years. Jasmine admitted that her mother “wasn’t able to discipline me.” She then indicated that her single mother’s heavy work schedule kept any suspicion of Jasmine’s addiction at bay. 

Things came to a head when, at 18, Jasmine started stealing her grandmother’s oxycodone. Jasmine revealed of her grandmother, “She helped me through my withdrawals and everything. And two weeks later, she passed away.”

Jasmine Relapsed, Hadn’t Seen Her Son in Two Months and Became a Sex Worker

We then learned the story of Jasmine and her ex, James, who welcomed a son, Oakley, in 2013. Jasmine said she was happy and sober at that time but relapsed heavily after the couple split, leaving James with full custody of Oakley. 

Jasmine, a fentanyl addict for eight months at the time of filming, hadn’t seen her son for two months. Carmen said to the camera of her daughter’s opioid addiction, “Right now, Jasmine has to sell her body to get her fentanyl patches.” Through tears, Jasmine said, “At this point, why stop? My name and my reputation is destroyed.” She later commented somberly, “It’s very degrading.”

Jasmine Left Her Grandfather With Only Seven Dollars in His Account

We then watched, disturbingly, as Jasmine withdrew money from her cancer-ridden grandfather’s monthly pension to buy drugs. While standing at the ATM with Reg, Jasmine even joked, “Let’s drain this baby.” After a mild confrontation with his granddaughter, Reg revealed she left him with only seven dollars in his bank account.

Jasmine’s Family Helped Her Buy Drugs

Jasmine’s mother and grandfather continued to enable Jasmine’s addiction, despite her stealing from them and even pawning her brother Jake’s video games to sell drugs. After Reg, who typically lends her Jasmine his truck so she can visit her drug dealer, was off at his cancer treatments, it was up to Carmen to drive her daughter to see the supplier. 

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Carmen told the camera, “I’m an enabler too when I do that.… I’d rather take her and make sure she’s got a good patch ‘cause I’m a nurse, and I know what they look like.” We then watched as a drugged-up Jasmine nodded off on the couch in front of her mother. 

“When she nods off after smoking her patch, I sit there and watch her breathe to make sure she’s not gonna stop breathing,” Carmen revealed. During the pre-intervention, Reg admitted, “I’ve enabled her often.… I’ve given her money. I feel responsible. I just want her to get better.”

The Intervention

The intervention was filled with tears as Jasmine’s family and friends read her letters, urging her to get help. Her younger brother Jake said, through sobs, “If you turn down this offer and continue using… you’ll truly be alone with no family to turn to.” Her mother then handed her a photo of her beloved late grandmother, a traumatic death that had sent Jasmine soaring deep into the depths of her addiction. 

To this effort, Jasmine commented, “You guys are taking this too far.” After Carmen said Jasmine would not be able to visit Oakley anymore, Jasmine finally agreed to seek treatment.

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