Is Drake Still Zaddy Now That He’s A Baby Daddy?

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Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

Last month, Drake gave the only interview about his newly minted fatherhood status and his recent beefs with Pusha-T and Kanye West on Lebron James’ new HBO Sports series The Shop. For those still keeping score, the back-and-forth between these two went into Maury Povich mode when Push exposed the existence of Drake’s son on his diss track “The Story of Adidon,” which became fodder for the gossip blogs and Hip-Hop trolls. “I end up in the situation where I don’t have the fairytale, where like ‘Drake started a family with Rihanna and this is like so perfect…  It looks so good on paper,’” Drake shared with his OVO extended family.

He’s right.

On paper, Drake is almost note-for-note a litany of needs that both men and women have on their checklist. For some, it is having the confidence to command the attention of a whole room. For others, it is being in touch with one’s feelings in a way that helps you grow in magical ways. For me, it is the interesting relationships that both men and women have with the 6ix God from Toronto. Flashback a bit when Drake was on top of the game, Views was breaking records, everyone was rockin’ out to “Hotline Bling,” and Hip-Hop’s number one star was flexing his larger spotlight (and physique) in an Apple Music commercial. The hype, as the saying goes, was real, and you could hear the conversation change about that “soft guy” from up North. If you’ve always been down with Aubrey then this doesn’t apply, but it did happen. Guys were making room for Drake in their playlist, women who thought he was a pushover started to see him outside of the Friend Zone, and it gave hope to people—like me—who felt like they were one hit away from changing their life. But now, as Drake commands even more attention thanks to his latest work, Scorpion, I’m curious whether those who dig him still consider him zaddy appeal deluxe after the ill-timing of his baby daddy revelation. As Drake explained, “I am a single father learning to communicate with a woman who… you know, we’ve had our moments.”

His child’s mother, Sophie Brussaux, was revealed by Pusha-T on the diss track, but was first linked with the OVO hitmaker at the top of last year when he was photographed on a dinner date in Amsterdam with her while on his Boy Meets World tour. The rumor mill began churning when she took to the internet to claim that Drake asked her to get an abortion. With Drake telling the behind-the-scenes tea of what went down between him and the G.O.O.D. Music camp, it is a safe bet that he went through something that resulted in him becoming a father before his own wishes. By the end of that same year, Brussaux gave birth to what we now know is his son after she posted images of her pregnant belly and baby shower on her Instagram account.

Does Drake, as a single father, still make him an eligible bachelor in your eyes? Here is one of the most recognizable figures in the world who may have to deal with child support, fend off accusations from forces known and unknown, and, most dreaded (for any Black man trying to do right), family court. While finances are the least of Drake’s problems, he will have problems nonetheless. Think about your own dealings with your child’s father. Without going too deep, and even if you have a balance, there are obstacles to overcome. It goes without saying that any dealings with Drake are going to be the size of an iceberg (Stefflon Don take note). And no, you won’t have to help cover lawyer fees, but can your reputation withstand the rocks being thrown against it? Can you take comfort in the arms of the man who famously said, “I wasn’t trying to hide my son from the world. I was trying to hide the world from my son”?

There are people out there who just don’t “do” baby daddies. The sharing of time, attention, and resources would give most people pause. But does Drake fall under the typical role of a baby daddy when it comes to how this label is regarded? The real AF answer is no. Drake has too much money, power and respect to just be slandered as some deadbeat (unless he truly turns into one) by anyone not trying to battle over a Kanye West beat. But does that mean he is still a zaddy despite all the theatrics and drama that may come as a result of him being a baby daddy?