Is Halle Berry Pregnant?

We marveled at the miracle of Halle Berry getting pregnant with her second child at 47-years-old. And from the looks of things, it might be time for our jaws to really drop.

Because this past weekend, Berry appeared on the red carpet at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles and she appeared to be toting a baby bump. And not just carrying it, she placed her hands around it as if she were cradling and caressing it.

And y’all know Halle Berry is 50-years-old.

While the internet has been erupting with commentary and speculation–especially about the identity of the father–Halle has yet to release a statement regarding the rumors. Which, to me, tend to lend credence to the possibility that they might be true.

Check out the pictures. What do you think?

Images via WENN