Is Kim Zolciak’s New Song ‘Wig’ Inspired by NeNe Leakes? She Says …

Get off her wig! Kim Zolciak caused an uproar with fans when she released a new song titled “Wig,” on Wednesday, July 11, but despite rumors that the track was inspired by her Real Housewives of Atlanta frenemy NeNe Leakes, the singer exclusively tells Us Weekly that the anthem is not about her costar.

“Well, I mean, I’ve worn wigs long before I ever met NeNe. I love wigs,” the Don’t Be Tardy star, 40, tells Us. “My mom’s a hairdresser. I just love hair. I have great hair. I just love to like, play around with different hair and different styles, and I’d rather fry the s—t out of a wig than my own hair. … I’ve been wearing wigs for 17 years. Yeah, so no that has nothing to really do with that.”

Fans assumed Zolciak’s latest track was about Leakes due to the The New Normal actress’ frequent references to Zolciak as “wig” over the years on RHOA. The Kashmere founder adds that “get off my wig” is “pretty much like f—k off.”

It is also not a term that Zolciak, who is currently working on a wig line, takes offense to: “At the end of it, people have dogged me out for so many years about wearing wigs, but so many people wear them now. It’s like, I actually … I’m a trendsetter. I feel like, versus you guys mocking me like, her wig, and calling me wig is, I mean, that’s kind of funny in itself, but … yeah I mean, in essence, I guess it kind of is.”

Zolciak also clarified that her lyric “Thirsty peachy, peachy / just can’t help it / you’re obsessed“ is not about Leakes, but haters in general.

“Listen, I’m very comfortable with who I am. It’s for all the haters,” Zolciak tells Us. “And obviously, yes, Atlanta, Georgia is a peach, but it’s not directed towards anybody, in particular. It’s more along the lines of just whoever the haters … to all of them. You thirsty peachy peaches. You’re obsessed. … And that’s written the way I walk, the way I talk, that’s just how I live. My ask, believe, receive, like the way I walk, the way I talk, that’s just how I live.”

Despite Zolciak and Leakes’ rocky history, the two women appeared to temporarily put their differences aside last month when Leakes announced that her husband, Gregg Leakes, was diagnosed with cancer. The former Glee star revealed on June 20 via Instagram that Zolciak sent the couple a box of “goodies” and called the gift “so thoughtful.”

With reporting by Brody Brown

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