Is This Petty? Let’s Talk About This Messy Photo Involving Rita Ora And A Taken Conor McGregor

I’m sure that at some point in this week, you heard something about the uproar caused by the caption for a picture taken of Rita Ora and boxer Conor McGregor.

Rita Ora Conor McGregor


You see, McGregor is in a relationship and has been in it since 2008. He and longtime love Dee Devlin share a son together, his namesake, who was born in May. By a scroll through both parties’ Instagram pages, one would come to the conclusion that they’re a happily family.

So maybe that’s why a photo of McGregor and Ora, posted by the singer, has some people feeling feeling a certain way — in particular, about what she said about the images:

#RitaOra wyd sis ? People are coming for Rita after she posted a picture with #ConorMcGregor at the #BritishFashionAwards captioned “date night” … Meanwhile Conor has a whole family with his girlfriend of over 8 years #DeeDevlin, their baby boy #ConorJr ? #JokeGoneBadOrNaw? ?: @gettyimages

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The caption reads as a light joke, but the backlash was swift enough for Ora to go ahead and delete the caption altogether, but not delete the photo from her Instagram.

People called her out for being “messy,” a “homewrecker,” and “pathetic.”

“A woman should respect another woman’s boundaries,” one person said. “Thats so disrespectful and wrong.”

But there were also people calling him out for allegedly doing too much as well, reminding everyone that “it takes 2 to tango.”

“Why TF is he all cozying up with her like that anyway if he is in an 8 year relationship,” another person said. “Obviously he is liking the attention as much as she is.”

A lot of the conversation turned to the pair being too close in the photo, to the appropriateness of it, and what he should have done knowing that he has a loyal partner at home

Even McGregor’s sparring partner, Artem Lobov, had to comment saying, “Sorry Rita, Burgers are nice but not when a man has steak at home.”


I for one, wasn’t shocked by the picture, the caption or the reaction. Famous men, even when they look like they’re head over heels in love with the person they’re with, can still be out here (go ask Kevin Hart) simply because they can be. And while the caption and photo doesn’t truly confirm any infidelity, it wouldn’t come as a surprise.

But where do you stand on the image and the caption heard ’round Instagram?

If you ask me, the fact that they took a picture together like that, including the one with his hand on her leg, isn’t the problem. It’s everything that followed the picture that’s problematic.

The caption, on Ora’s part, was not in good taste, even if it’s just meant to be cheeky. No woman, including Ora herself, wants to go online and see a photo of her partner with another woman and see the woman is joking about him being her “date.” The same can be said for men as well. Duh. Just duh.

McGregor’s choice to retweet the photo with the original caption on Twitter was also disrespectful. He may have fully understood the joke, but of all the things to repost and share and keep going, that wasn’t it.

And his decision to shout out Ora at a club, before mentioning Devlin, following the confusion online was also inappropriate :

MC GREGOR !!!!! @cirquelesoir #mcgregor @thenotoriousmma #cirquelesoir Only for the champions ???

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But then again, this is Conor McGregor we’re talking about. He likes attention. He likes to put on a show at all times. He doesn’t like to do what other people would do, even the sensible things at times. After eight years of being together and watching his fame grow and the women around him grow, we’re pretty sure Devlin has seen worse. And as far as we can tell, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

This situation, to me, isn’t as much about taking appropriate and inappropriate photos with people of the opposite sex who happen to be in a long-term relationship as it is about simple respect. Since that picture at the British Fashion Awards was taken, there hasn’t been much shown to Devlin, and in all honesty, to Ora (whose been called everything but a child of God). We all play around and have fun with people because our relationships, while a great addition to our lives, don’t become a reason for us to be hermits, ducking opportunities to be seen with the opposite sex lest we be accused or seen as doing something wrong due to someone else’s insecurities. But there are some things you shouldn’t perpetuate out of respect for your partner. And while he couldn’t control the caption Ora put up, he hasn’t had a problem playing into the rumors and making Ora, Devlin and the family he’s built look crazy since then. Even if he’s just being silly, bruh, some jokes just aren’t that funny…

But as usual, that’s just my opinion. What say you? What do you think of the photos and the caption? Was either party in the wrong for it?