“It’s Crazy As Hell”: Byron Scott Posts Then Deletes Video Calling Daughter-In-Law Kristen Scott A Liar

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Byron Scott says he’s sick of being used as a storyline by his daughter-in-law, Kristen Scott.

The 58-year-old former NBA player and head coach shared a video on his Instagram account late last week, responding to comments made by Kristen and his son, Thomas Scott. If you’ll recall, it was set up on a recent episode that Kristen and Thomas invited Byron to their home to hash out some family issues, sans Cece, but that Byron chose to opt out of going to enjoy a baseball game. Kristen said his choice to be there instead of trying to fix things with his son and their family showed where his priorities were.

But Byron said in his short video that all that never happened, and that Kristen’s storytelling has made things worse for the family.

“‘Supposedly’ I was invited to a dinner at their house. Never happened. I was never invited to go to their house for dinner,” he said. “Thomas and I had talked about having dinner together, but it was never at their house. We scheduled a time to go but I had a baseball game, which I did go to, so we made arrangements to have dinner at another time. So for them to go on and portray that I was supposed to come over and I skipped it and went to the baseball game instead of coming over, to try to handle a family situation or a family matter, is ridiculous. I was never invited in the first place. And for Kristen to come on and say that I put the baseball game so to speak over the family, it shows my priorities, it’s crazy as hell. Her always talking about she wants to fix this, she ain’t get close to that. She’s made it worse.”

“I just want you all to know the real deal of what’s going on on Basketball Wives,” he added in the video. “And again, for the family member who said they want to fix everything to go back and again, try and kick me in the face, it ain’t happening.”

#ByronScott set the record straight for the fans letting us know that he was NEVER invited to have a sit down with Kristen and his son????#BasketBallWives #BasketBallWivesLa #BBWLA #BBW #RealityTv

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A few days after posting the video, Byron deleted it. He likely heard from Thomas and decided to take it down. Instead, he chose to focus on positive things, like posting a video from he and Cece’s lit engagement party, which was featured on the show:

I will never forget how much fun we had with our close friends and family at our engagement party! And my Cece dancing Polynesian for me! My drumming not bad either! We love you all! #ScottWedding2020 ?@chipshearin ? @cinemalifeweddings

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Byron and Kristen’s relationship has been on the rocks, and in turn, hurt Thomas’ relationship with Bryon, since Kristen fell out with his partner, Cece, in Season 7 of Basketball Wives. While the women attempted to hash things out last season, Kristen teared up while claiming that Cece and Byron don’t care to visit she and Thomas’ daughter, Kenzi, despite the fact that they allegedly didn’t live far. Byron felt the move was disrespectful and said, on camera, he was done with her and didn’t want her at he and Cece’s upcoming wedding.

“Through all the stuff that she’s said, I still haven’t heard a word from her, which is to me, kind of crazy,” he said in Season 8, episode one. “So I want my sons to be there, but I don’t particularly want her there.”

Hopefully this whole family will take a step away from Basketball Wives, because it’s clearly doing more harm than good for the Scotts.