Jada Shares Throwback Pic Of Herself Next To Jaden, Proves He “Doesn’t Only Look Like His Father”

Ok, so I would be lying if I said that I’ve always believed that Jaden Smith is a ringer for his mother as opposed to his father. While I’ve seen both parents in the 19-year-old (I think Jada is in his eyes), Will has some strong genes. If he tried to deny Willow, there would be uproar.

Will Willow Jada Pinkett Jaden

But in a post on Twitter today, Jada Pinkett Smith shared a picture of Jaden sharing an uncanny resemblance to the Girls’ Trip star, and even she was surprised by it:

He may have had to squint hard to make it happen, but we see it. And yes, that’s Jada during her Lena James stage on A Different World (she had the best hair on that show by the way).

In case you missed it, Jaden did just turn 19 on July 8, and to celebrate, both mom and dad shared some super cute throwback pictures:

We don’t know what Will and Jada got a boy (make that man) who already has everything, but if it’s anything as interesting as the gold grills Jaden gifted his mom for her 45th birthday last year, he’ll be more than happy: