Janice Dickinson Gets ‘Chills’ When Tyler Henry Connects Her to a Famous Friend in ‘Hollywood Medium’ Clip

Janice Dickinson sits down with Tyler Henry for a reading on the upcoming episode of Hollywood Medium, and Us Weekly has the first look at the shocking preview. 

At the start of the session, Henry, 21, says that he needs an object to help him make a closer connection, and soon realizes that he actually needs a piece of fabric. “I have to hold onto a piece of fabric, so let me see. Do you have anything fabric in there that I can hold onto by any chance?” he asks. 

The former supermodel, 62, pulls a pink and white scarf from her handbag. “I feel like this is strange,” the clairvoyant says. “We do have a talk about, a man that would be coming through who is acknowledging that he would have lived to basically see around middle-age. And he’s snapping his fingers at me, and when they do that, they reference to passing away quickly.”

Henry says that the man was a “big personality,” and Dickinson immediately knows who he is referring to. “You’re dead-on,” she says.

He then sees that the man was one of the model’s famous friends. “He’s showing me cameras, and when they do this, it usually references to a passing or a death being very well-known or like,* notable,” Henry says. Dickinson confirms that her friend’s death was indeed “world news.”

Watch the clip above to find out what Henry sees that gives Dickinson “chills.”

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs on E! Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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