Jason Lewis: ‘Midnight, Texas’ Isn’t a Vampire Show Focused on Blood

Power up! Jason Lewis dished on demons, witches, angels and NBC’s new supernatural drama, Midnight, Texas in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

The Sex and the City alum, who plays Angel Joe Strong, explains that while the show— based on True Blood author Charlaine Harris‘ book series of the same title— has mystical elements, “it’s more realistic to what life is even though it’s supernatural.” He continued, “as much as it has that supernatural element, it relies upon relationships, so it’s almost like a family drama in that way as well.”

In the series, Lewis’ character has the ability to fly, (of course, he’s an angel!), which also just happens to be one of the “top superpowers” that he would want to have along with “invulnerability and strength.”

One ability that the actor would pass on would be mind-reading. He reveals, “I definitely don’t want to read people’s minds. I don’t want to know what the hell everybody’s thinking.”

As far as Midnight, Texas goes, the 46-year-old explained, “This isn’t a vampire show that centers around blood. This is about interpersonal relationships and people trying to find a sanctuary and protect that sanctuary against outside threats.”

For the series premiere, Lewis plans on watching with friends: “Me and a bunch of friends are going to get together and sit around and have cocktails and poke fun at me for being on TV.”

Midnight, Texas premieres on NBC Monday, July 24 at 10 p.m. ET. 

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