Jennifer Lawrence: ‘I Got Into a Bar Fight’ and Dumped Beer on a Guy

Don’t mess with J. Law! Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday, September 14, and gave a play by play of her bar fight with a guy in Budapest. The actress, 27, was promoting her film Mother!, but things took a hilarious turn when she told the story of what exactly went down during the altercation in Hungary, where she was filming the movie Red Sparrow.

“I have another drinking story about Budapest,” she told the TV host. “I got in a bar fight! I got in a real bar fight!”

“That seems like a dangerous place to get into a bar fight,” Meyers, 43, said.

 Lawrence replied with a smile: “I mean, for him!”

“We were at a bar, it was beer night. We had a ton of beers, we were all drinking. I was drunk, which is rare,” the Oscar-winner recalled. “I was drunk and this guy asked me for a selfie and I was like, ‘No. Thank you, no.’ And then he was like, ‘Please, my girlfriend will never believe you! My friend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you then she’s not the one.’ And so we were like, ‘Just go away.’ And then he goes, ‘Well, f–k you!”

The insult didn’t sit well with Lawrence and she said she felt something snap in her at that moment: “It couldn’t have been the alcohol.” She then confronted the guy and yelled repeatedly, “Did you just say ‘f–ck you’ to me? Did you just say ‘f–ck you’ to me?”

“I grabbed him and took beers, and I started dousing them all over him,” the actress added, revealing that she then proceeded to throw more beer on his suitcase. According to the Hunger Games actress, her friend Chris grabbed her from behind and started telling her to not waste any more beer and she instantly relaxed: “Of course! What was I thinking?”

As for the guy, he seems to have regretted crossing Lawrence. One of the star’s friends came out of the bathroom after the incident, and according to Lawrence, saw the guy “all wet and crying.”

Watch Jennifer Lawrence tell the hilarious story in the clip above. Mother! hits theaters on Friday, September 15, and Red Sparrow is slated for a March 2, 2018, release. Tune into Late Night with Seth Meyers on weeknights at 12:35 a.m. ET on NBC.

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