Jesse Williams And Wife Aryn Divorcing After Almost 5 Years Of Marriage

Sometimes even the best efforts to stay out of the spotlight can’t help a couple make things work for the long haul.

Jesse Williams wife

According to TMZ, actor and activist Jesse Williams and wife Aryn Drake-Lee are calling it quits, divorcing after almost five years of marriage. According to the site, it’s unclear which party filed, but a divorce petition was filed last week. Despite this shocking split, it’s said to be an amicable one.

During their marriage, the pair welcomed two children into the world. They have a son named Maceo and a daughter named Sadie. They originally tied the knot in September 2012 after dating for quite some time. Williams met Drake-Lee before he forayed into acting and was still a teacher instructing students in African studies, American studies and English. They created the popular app Ebroji together and seemed to have a pretty low-key, loving relationship.

When speaking to PEOPLE late last year, Williams said that one of the great things about Drake-Lee is that she can throw down in the kitchen.

Jesse Williams wife

“She is an amazing chef who is well-traveled,” he said. “I was eating tuna fish and beans and rice every night when I met her. I think I made a couple of attempts and then realized I’d need to take her out to a restaurant instead!”

He continued, emphasizing how much he appreciated her skills. “There is an appeal to people who know their way around the kitchen. You’re providing for people. And that’s a lovely and generous place to be.”



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