Jhene Aiko’s Divorce Is Finalized, So She Can (Continue To) Date Big Sean In Peace

After a less than pleasant end to her very short marriage to producer Oladipo “Dot da Genius” Omishore and an exchange of harsh words and accusations afterward, Jhene Aiko is finally a single woman. Well, she’s actually off the market again thanks to rapper Big Sean, but at least she can file her taxes as a single woman now.

Jhene Aiko husband

According to TMZ, Aiko and Omishore have finalized their divorce. They reached a financial settlement they could agree on. With no kids and no requests for spousal support because they were only Mr. and Mrs. for a very short time, things were able to come to a close smoothly.

If you’ll recall, the pair revealed they were married in March 2016 and by August, she was the one who filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. From there, things got ugly. There were rumors that she cheated on him because of the fact that she started dating Big Sean last year. Prior to her divorce, Aiko and Big Sean were working together on a joint album as the group Twenty88 and had strong chemistry. Still, she said that didn’t mean she stepped out on her marriage.  She replied that “i only cheated myself. so glad to be free from all the drugs, depression and confrontation,” before adding, “never let a man disrespect u in any way. major key.” She also said about her ex when confronted by people on social media about their split, “he jumped the ship along time ago. he wants to be the victim and I’ll let his b—h a– assume the role.”

Soon after followed some rumors that he was abusive towards her, which he vehemently denied.

“Because my nature is peaceful, I’ve been silent out of respect for all involved, and to maintain my privacy,” he wrote. “However, I believe the truth must be heard, which is that I’ve never been violent or abusive towards any woman in my life.”

Despite all of that confusion over the last year, it’s good to know they were able to officially end things peacefully.