Johnny Depp Surprises Disneyland Goers On The Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

For the last few years whenever you see Johnny Depp’s name printed online or in the press it’s for something negative. From his poor movie performances, to his bitter divorce from Amber Heard and his rumoured overspending, Depp’s name hasn’t been getting much positive publicity. All that changed yesterday though when the 53-year old actor surprised Disneyland goers on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened 50 years ago, and helped to inspire the successful movie series that stars Johnny Depp as the infamous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. Four films have been released since 2003, with a fifth one, Dead Men Tell No Tales, due out on May 26th. The ride takes boats full of riders past animatronic pirates and citizens of a Spanish colonial town. Originally the ride had nothing to do with the film series, but after they found huge box office success several animatronic versions of characters from the films were added, including Depp’s. 

On Wednesday Depp seems to have spent at least part of the day hanging out with the animatronics on the ride. As people floated past, Depp spoke, walked and acted in character. Most of the time he was spotted in the section of the ride where the pirates are pillaging the town square. In most of the footage shot from cellphone camera, Depp stays in character and doesn’t acknowledge the riders. There is the odd time though that he did wave as they floated past. In some cases it was hard for the riders to even tell that Depp was really Depp, and not the animatronic version of himself.

Pirates of the Caribben: Dead Men Tell No Tales opens nationwide on May 26th.

Photo: @MissLovelyCuppy on Twitter