Justin Theroux Hasn’t Shared ‘Leftovers’ Series Finale Spoilers With Jennifer Aniston

It’s the final countdown. Justin Theroux stopped by Good Morning America on Wednesday, May 31, to talk about the highly anticipated series finale of The Leftovers.

The cryptic final episode, which is titled “The Book of Nora,” will wrap up the storylines after three seasons. “It’s one of those awkward things where we’re not allowed to talk about what’s going on,” Theroux, 45, joked. “I can tell you what’s not going to happen.”

Host Michael Strahan read the episode’s mysterious description, which simply says, “Nothing is answered. Everything is answered. And then it ends.”

Theroux hasn’t even told his wife, Jennifer Aniston, how the series concludes. “Jennifer does not know what’s going to happen. She’s a fan of the show, so she didn’t want any spoilers,” he revealed. “She wouldn’t even run lines with me. She’s that much of a fan. She wouldn’t even work on it with me.”

The actor, who plays Kevin Garvey, did say that he’s pleased with the HBO show’s resolution. “I can say that I was very happy with the way the show ended, I mean enormously,” he said.

Theroux added that he’s incredibly close friends with The Leftovers cocreators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta. “They prank me in the writing usually. They’ll force me to do things that I don’t want to do like drown me, shoot me. We’re really good friends, by the way,” he quipped.

The Leftovers series finale airs on HBO Sunday, June 4, at 9 p.m. ET.

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