Katy Perry isn’t releasing her album anytime soon, but her reasons kinda make sense

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Yesterday in the U.K. (February 22nd), Purposeful Pop singer Katy Perry dropped by the BRIT Awards to give another politically charged performance of “Chained To The Rhythm,” much like her one at the Grammys.

However, when she wasn’t killing it on stage taking aim at certain political figures (most pointedly British Prime Minister Theresa May and Donald Trump), Katy Perry let slip some details about her fourth album, and we’re all ears, tbh.

Perry recently dropped the stunning visual for her new single “Chained To The Rhythm,” and it pretty much sums up the whole message about resisting conformity and standing up for what you believe in.

Yet, speaking to both Capital FM and KISS FM, Perry told the radio stations that she didn’t have a plan to release her hotly anticipated yet-to-be-titled album just yet.

“I started writing [the album] in June, I have about 40 songs,” Perry said to KISS FM. “It’s the dance record that I’ve always wanted to make so far. We’re putting the piece together still.”

Continuing, she went on to say that she wanted to release a few more singles first, as she doesn’t believe that people have the same concentration span that they used to.

Opening up to Capital, she said, “I think I want to put out some songs first before I give them the full meal. I think we are digesting things in bite-size these days and that’s what we can handle.”

“[W]hen someone has a 17 or 19 track album, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I have to take a trip to Mars to listen to your record in full!’ I mean I love you, you’re my favorite dope artist, but, like, we want bite size,” she added. “We, like, only read headlines. We don’t even read the whole story!”

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Perry also teased that there were some surprises guests on the album that “you probably couldn’t guess,” and also spoke about the meaning behind her new single “Chained To The Rhythm.”

“I’m fortunate enough to remember a time before we were all living our lives through a lens. But there is a generation who will never have a reference point for that, which is kind of scary, because I know that all of the intake we do on social media and how we read the news,” she said. “It’s really differently kind of rewiring our brains and our attention span and stuff like that. Bad habits are being formed. We’re thinking we’re connected and we’re communicating, but we’re so divided — it’s just like, oh, where do I start?!

“Turn on Black Mirror.”

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Don’t take *too* long though, yeah?