Keanu Reeves’ Top 5 Films

Keanu Reeves has had an interesting career. His films have generally been really good, or really bad, with not a lot of grey area. This Friday his latest film, Replicas is released, and the trailer makes it look like it could be one of the really good films. Here are the top five films of his though that you don’t want to miss.

Bill Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Keanu had been around for a few years before this hit 1989 film, but it was the role of the time-travelling teenager Ted that really got him noticed by fans. The film spawned a sequel, and a third film has been rumoured for years. 

My Own Private Idaho: Adapting Shakespeare’s Henry IV  into a film about two friends who become male prostitutes is no easy feat, yet Keanu proved he was up to the challenge. He starred alongside River Phoenix in this Gus Van Sant film.

Speed: Keanu proved that he could do more than drama and comedy with 1991’s Point Break, but it was in 1994’s Speed that he really took off. In it he was teamed with Sandra Bullock for the first time, which was another hit with audiences as well, and in it he played a heroic cop who was trying to stop a mad bomber before he killed a bus full of people.

The Matrix: You simply can’t make a list of Keanu films without mentioning The Matrix. The hit film had two sequels, and had some of the most revolutionary special effects ever seen on the big screen at that point. The film about a computer hacker who learns the life he is leading is a lie was so popular that they’ve already talked about rebooting it. 

John Wick: Proving that even mindless action with limited plot can still sell a lot of tickets, Keanu’s latest action film series really defies common sense. It’s violent, it’s bloody, and there is no way even the best hitman in the world could survive what Keanu’s character survives in this film, yet it works and is a lot of fun. The sequel was just as entertaining, and the third film in the franchise is due out next year.